Writing for Procurement Sense

Thank you for your interest in guest blogging for Procurify. We’ve created a guideline to help you discover guest writing opportunities.

To ensure Procurement Sense represents the broad voice of our industry, we welcome submissions of blog posts writers and experts within the industry. Please pitch our Content/PR Manager media@procurify.com before writing any content. We accept the following formats of content: blog posts, videos, podcasts, surveys, links, images, whitepapers, infographics and slides/presentations.

To ensure an easy progression, please read the following:

Focus on your area of expertise. We can’t stress this enough. We recommend that you focus on your own area of expertise, as this will allow you to provide useful and practical content to our readers.

Reliable and good content. To ensure reliability is provided to the reader, we encourage trend topics, latest news, case studies, practical and useful advices and points of view using your own tone of voice, humour, taking a stand and writing in your own personal style (must also adhere to our style guide).

You should aim to write 500 – 700 words per post.

Get straight to the point. If you include your main points at the beginning of your post, chances are the reader will read your post all the way to the end.

Original content. Your post cannot be already published on another public website. Duplicate content is prohibited. Now, you can submit an article that speaks to a more indepth version available elsewhere, such as a white paper however, the written work published on Procurement Sense must be original.

Examples help your message. Ones that are from your own company are welcome; however your post should not be promoting a product or service that you are associated with.

Titles are important. A successful title should be catchy and approximately 6 words.

A great picture is worth a thousand words and online media is a very visual medium so include jaw-dropping, shareable images and video links.

Here are a few blog styles that we find do well (don’t try them all in one post):

  • Numbered, listed posts – “best of”, “top ten reasons to go”, “5 unusual facts”.
  • Useful need-to-knows like “what to pack” and “how to get there”, if writing a travel/factual blog post.
  • Opinion pieces. Don’t be afraid to give your opinion and express how you feel.
  • Tell a story. People love a good story, and we know that Africa is not short of inspirational and entertaining stories.
  • Chatty, conversational style of writing. Blog posts tend to be a lot less formal than print, people like to see the ‘real you’.
  • Urgent, current and newsy pieces do well as they are topical.

Guest posting rules:

You can’t advertise your product, business or service within your guest post. This means do not mention your company, or link to it, or link to your company’s blog within the guest post. The point of guest posting is to show that you are a thought leader. Your only goal should be to educate our readers on a topic that helps them out.

YOU are responsible for providing the necessary copyright information for your content and images. Google what’s required of you and don’t use other people’s copyrighted material without permission. Source and hyperlink is recommended.

Make sure to read and understand our Style Guide.

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The Legal Terms and Other Fun Stuff

By submitting your piece to Procurement Sense, you grant Procurify the right to edit and run the piece online or in any future collections we may publish. Submission also grants Procurement Sense the right to run the piece exclusively for 30 days. Treat our tweeting of your article as us rooting for you from our modest office.

If you do repost or submit the piece elsewhere, please include a line that says the piece was originally published on Procurify.com.

We’re here to support your ideas and the practice of knowledge sharing. We can’t high five you but we’ll tweet and like the work you produce.

-The editors at Procurify