How Procurify and Tipalti Modernize Procure to Pay

Procurify and Tipalti are bringing innovation to finance and procurement.

Tipalti is a leading global payables automation platform. Procurify is a leading spend management platform. Together, they are the full procure to pay solution organizations are dreaming of.

Who uses Procurify and Tipalti?

Procurify and Tipalti are complementary software systems. They support different functions of the procure to pay cycle. Their unique workflows are proven to help companies save time, but also, money.

Organizations that use NetSuite as their ERP system, benefit from using Procurify and Tipalti as part of their procure to pay workflow. Multi-entity organizations that operate in different global currencies will profit from this winning combination. It’s also used by those that require heightened controls around fraud prevention and company spending.

When used together, Procurify, NetSuite, and Tipalti seamlessly communicate the right information across intercompany entities and different suppliers around the world.

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What procure-to-pay challenges do Procurify and Tipalti solve?

Firstly, if risk management keeps you up at night, we understand. Uncertainty is daunting and cripples an organization. We want our customers to avoid risks before it’s too late by helping them implement proactive processes. One of the main reasons that Procurify and Tipalti are partners is due to our mutual benefits of providing companies with an audit trail, tax compliance, fraud control, and security. It’s our dual mission to help companies set up the workflows they need. All of these features have material importance to an organization’s survival. 

Secondly, incomplete information and manual tasks are potentially fatal for growing companies. They are also time-consuming. This is why Procurify and Tipalti work best with multi-entity global organizations. Together, they create a single source of truth for company spend, reconciliation, and reporting. 

Finally, data is only as useful as the amount of information that can be extracted for strategic use. If all relevant team members adopt tools, only then are they useful. Procurify and Tipalti both believe customer obsession is mandatory for a great product. Data and user adoption are crucial and that’s why we created tools that hold user experience in the highest regard.

What is the Procurify and Tipalti workflow?

The Procurify and Tipalti workflow help organizations that:

  1. Move away from manual processes
  2. Fill the gaps
  3. Extend to NetSuite

Procurify handles spend requests and approvals and generate a purchase order in just 4 clicks. This provides full context behind how and why every dollar is spent in an organization. Tipalti will then 3-way match the purchase order, receipt, and bill/invoice, and automate payments. For year-end audits, implementing our proactive process leaves a clean audit trail.

To visualize how an organization can extend its ERP system, see the Procurify, NetSuite, and Tipalti Workflow Diagram below.

Procurify and Tipalti are transforming the user experience of procurement and accounts payable in the workplace. Learn how to streamline spend and payment management with a Procurify plus Tipalti demo today: Book a Demo

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