18 Digital Tools for Finance and Operations Teams

We surveyed a number of industry-leading CFOs and asked what digital tools they recommend for finance and operations teams to help them make accounting processes more remote-friendly.

What Are the Top Digital Finance and Accounting Tools?

The sudden shift of working from home necessitates the need for the adoption of online tools to help remote teams work optimally. Based on a 2019 survey by Zensar, 76% of respondents stated that digital tools make them more productive at work, and more than 53% said these tools make them more successful.

Procurify’s newest guide contains more than 100 tool recommendations from forward-thinking CFOs and CPAs to help finance, accounting, and operations teams be more productive, engaged, and connected. The most popular tools were shared across five categories.

The top accounting and finance digital tools

Firstly, we’ll look at general accounting and finance tools. The most recommended tools from CFOs include:

and other software tools for spend management, accounting close, cash management, digital billing, invoicing, and more.

The top team collaboration platforms

Secondly, the top team collaboration platforms. Collaboration is an essential part of remote working. Without it, your team will become isolated and not be able to work to their full potential. That’s why it’s crucial to integrate some new tools to allow your employees to work collaboratively. Here are some tool recommendations from CFOs:

and other tools for video conferencing, virtual meetings, appointment scheduling, and more.

The top security systems

Thirdly, the top security system recommended tools from CFOs include:

and other tools for secure VPNs, password management, and more.

The top productivity tools

Subsequently, the top-recommended productivity tools from CFOs include:

and other tools for electronic signatures, project management, time tracking, automation, and more.

The best virtual socializing activities and apps

Finally, the best virtual socializing activities and recommended apps from CFOs include:

and other apps for physical fitness, mental wellbeing, and more.

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