Controlling Spend During COVID-19 and the Recession: On-demand Webinar

Check out our on-demand webinar Controlling Spend During COVID-19 and the Recession

What will I learn from the Controlling Spend During COVID-19 and the Recession webinar?

In this webinar, three leading experts from different organizations cover:

  • Firstly, financial and operational considerations during a downturn,
  • Secondly, best practices to lock down spending,
  • Then, re-forecasting and cost deferments.
  • Up next, how to create a Spend Culture of accountability,
  • As well as, tools and resources to manage, control, and track spending.
  • We’ll cover, how to determine if your organization is ready for automation,
  • Tools for automation
  • And finally, The funding options available for startups


Who did we talk to?

Debbie Rosler, Outsourced CFO, Burkland Associates

First up, Debbie Rosler has 20 years of experience with companies in a broad range of industries and sizes. From early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies, she’s got experience with the lot. 

Debbie is an expert in financial planning and analysis, corporate strategy, and financial modeling. As a result, Ms. Rosler has helped companies establish finance and accounting functions and identify opportunities to improve their processes. She currently works as an Outsourced CFO for several early-stage companies. 

Andrea Tiller, Managing CFO & Emerging Growth Services Practice Leader, Kranz & Associates

Secondly, Andrea is a transformational CFO with a strong 25-year track record of thinking strategically and executing operationally.

She is a serial CFO in both private and public companies (including two IPOs and other public transactions). Additionally, Andrea provides expert-level capabilities in technology, life sciences, professional services, consumer products, and manufacturing. Since joining Kranz in October 2017, Andrea and her team have supported a massive list of early-stage technology companies. She is best known for her innovation, collaboration, ethics, and team building.

Julian Hannabuss, Director of Revenue Operations, Procurify

Lastly, Julian has helped implement and run revenue operations at technology companies for the last 25 years. He specializes in launching processes and systems to track and improve marketing, sales, and customer service performance while aligning this to sustainable spending patterns. Here at Procurify, he leads the charge on lowering customer acquisition costs and above all maximizing customer lifetime value.

Ready to dive in? You can watch the recording of this on-demand webinar here.

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