Online Event: All You Need To Know About Small Business Loans


What do companies need to know about the CARES Act and Paycheck Protection Program?

Trying to keep up with small business loans during COVID-19, is exhausting. The $2 trillion corona-virus relief package, officially known as the CARES Act, included $350 billion for a federal small business loan program called the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Shortly after the relief package was launched, the government announced it ran out of money for the small business stimulus package. This was followed by an announcement that another $310 billion would be available. With a large portion already spoken for, it’s expected to go quickly. The third wave of funding is pending.

Rules, requirements, and action plans are changing every day and are time-sensitive. The sooner you have a game plan, the better.
We were joined by three expert panelists to cover everything you need to know about SBA loans right now. They give their advice on how to prepare for what’s next.

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What We Learned About Small Business Loans and Funding Options

  • The speakers go into the in-depth difference between the types of loans available, including the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Economic Industry Disaster Loan (EIDL), and more.
  • The necessity of the loan will be a top concern in loan eligibility. Our experts explain what is meant by “necessary to support ongoing operations as a result of current economic uncertainty.”
  • Loan forgiveness can be used for payroll costs (must be 75%), interest on a mortgage, rent, and utilities. Reports required for loan forgiveness include payroll reports, invoice and payment records for all benefits, state/local taxes, and non-payroll costs.
  • There are other funding options for VC Backed Startups including:
    • Prepayments from customers and “R&D” type revenue
    • Bridge equity from existing investors
    • Venture debt options
    • Revenue-based loans
  • R&D tax credits can reduce your payroll tax up to $250,000 (specifically for unprofitable startups) and is not part of the CARES Act. Also, companies who do not receive an SBA loan as part of the CARES Act will be able to defer 100% of its’ payroll taxes for the remainder of 2020.
  • Unemployment insurance has been expanded to cover employees who are still employed but furloughed. Some companies are moving salaried employees to hourly.


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Our Finance and Legal Experts

Chris Burns, Partner at CFOs2GO 

Chris is a consulting CFO, helping companies solve financial challenges, realize opportunities and put plans in place to achieve strategic and financial goals. With 30+ years of hands-on financial leadership, delivering increased shareholder value, growth in cash flow and profits to startup and established market leaders, Chris strives to meet clients’ needs with CFOs2GO’s innovative consulting and recruiting solutions.

Chris co-leads the Startup, rapid growth and pre-IPO practice and his startup experience spans domestic and international high-growth ecommerce/internet retail, enterprise software, SAAS, and consumer products industries. 

Kathryn Hickey, Partner at PilieroMazza 

Kathryn advises companies on SBA affiliation rules and related structuring concerns, including in the context of compliance with eligibility requirements for SBA loan programs. Kathryn concentrates her practice primarily in general business, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital investments, and commercial contracting. She regularly counsels companies on a wide range of legal issues, including entity formation and structure, corporate governance, employment issues, commercial leasing, licensing and regulatory compliance. 

PilieroMazza is on a mission to serve as your trusted legal advisor by putting your needs and goals at the center of business solutions through accessibility, honesty, innovation and unparalleled advocacy. 

Healy Jones, Vice President of FP&A at Kruze Consulting

Healy Jones leads the team that helps funded startups prepare for venture fund raises and managing cash flow and budgets. He advises startups on the intersection of their strategy, financing and projections. 

Kruze Consulting is a leading provider of accounting, finance, HR and tax consulting to seed and venture capital funded startups. Kruze’s clients have collectively raised over $3.5 billion in VC financing, and one to three of Kruze’s clients are acquired by larger companies every month.  

Webinar Attendee Testimonials

“The presenters did an excellent job!” – Charles W., Accountant

“The explanations of each program available to small businesses helped differentiate between all the options available.” – Stephen C., CPA

“Information on what needs to be included in applying for the loans, credit and forgiveness of the PPP loan was valuable. It was also explained in a format that was easy to follow and understand.” – Deborah K., CPA

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