Become A Thought Leader in Corporate Finance: Be Featured On Our New Podcast

We are starting a new podcast series that would profile top Finance executives in North America. The podcast would be featured on Spend Culture — which was selected as one of the most influential corporate blogs in 2017 by a number of business publications.

Spend Culture generates close to 80,000 views a month and is regularly read by top Venture Capital and C-Suite leaders in Tech, Biotech and a host of other industries. If you’d like to read some of the things we’ve published in the past, here’s a list:  

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The Guide To Becoming a CFO Before Turning 30 — from the Three Guys Who Did

Why Musk’s Protege Left Tesla To Build His Own Gigafactory

Why Rate of Change Should Be The Most Important Metric In Your Company

Burn Rates: Tech Has A Burning Problem. But Is It Unsolvable?

How Fake Invoices Cost Citi $400 Million    

Fashion Disrupted: The Definitive Guide To Zara’s Supply Chain

We take great pains in doing diligent research and making sure that our audience receives only the best thought leadership in their space. If you want to be a guest on our podcast, contact our communications manager Dani Hao at Please also give us a brief background on your career and experience. Once you send the email, we will vet your application, and get back in touch with you shortly.


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