[Webinar] Spend Management for Middle Market Companies: UI/UX is Very Important

Technology will only deliver ROI if it gets used. Watch our webinar with Spend Matters to learn more about how the User Interface and Experience of Spend Management software can affect your procurement team’s KPIs.

Watch the Webinar Here

UI/UX is far beyond a buzzword. It’s a top-of-mind consideration in spend management technologies, and it’s even becoming the basis for many technology selections as organizations realize that user experience is the key to adoption.

Spend Matters is thrilled to host Lynn Gabriel, COO of Mainstream Fiber Networks, and Procurify customer success manager, Jorge Andujar, as they discuss not only how middle market companies can benefit from a formal spend management program, but how UI/UX considerations are keys to success. You can expect to hear about:

  • The importance of gathering stakeholder input through the adoption of spend management software
  • Why UI/UX are so important (from a former purchasing manager)
  • How to actually get other departments to adopt new systems and processes

This session will also features a high-level overview covering “what’s next” in procurement technology from Spend Matters Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell – and why it matters to mid-market companies.

Watch the Webinar Here

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