ProcuriFashion Fridays: Comfortable Chic w/ Megan

Here at Procurify, we don’t believe in “casual Fridays” – we think that everyone should be able to wear whatever makes them comfortable everyday. While we embrace plain white tee’s and track pants with open arms, our team loves showing off their personality through their outfits. Check back on Fridays to see what another member of our team is wearing! 
 In this edition of ProcuriFashion Friday’s we’re featuring none other than our Customer Success Advocate, Megan! When’s she’s not crushing metrics and providing excellent customer service you will find her quoting Larry David or gossiping about the latest Bachelor in Paradise dramatics. She keeps the team at Procurify guessing with her style and does not limit herself to her age – you’ll find her dressing to likes of a high school jock or a funeral director (which was actually her previously role!)

DSC_0399 copyDSC_0422 copy

Shoes – Spring, Jeans – American Eagle, Shirt – H&M, Watch – Kate Spade

Megan Murphy // Customer Success Advocate
Biggest fashion icon? 
Megan doesn’t have just one, but rather takes to Pinterest for her inspiration and approaches fashion with the mentality of ‘buy now, figure it out later’.

Favorite trend of the moment?

Favorite part of your body to dress?
My feet, I have a bit of a fetish.

Least favorite trend?
Jean skirts of all kinds.

If you were left on a deserted island, what three items would you bring?
Hair tie, maxi dress and a bikini.


Check back next week to see which Procurify Team member’s style will be featured next!