ProcuriFashion Fridays: Bright Blooms w/ Kitty

Here at Procurify, we don’t believe in “casual Fridays” – we think that everyone should be able to wear whatever makes them comfortable everyday. While we embrace plain white tee’s and track pants with open arms, our team loves showing off their personality through their outfits. Check back on Fridays to see what another member of our team is wearing! 
Today we’re featuring one of the lovely ladies of the Procurify team – Kitty Chan! Everything from her fire-red hair to her bright skirt shows off her bold personality.  Her closet is full of unique patterns and styles, so it’s always a pleasant surprise to see what her next outfit will be!

DSC_0268 copy DSC_0273 copy copy DSC_0277 copy DSC_0285 copyShirt – Zara, Skirt – H&M, Watch – Moto360, Wedges – Call It Spring

Kitty Chan // Graphic Designer
How would you describe your style in one word? 
Bubbly or adventurous!

Who’s your biggest fashion icon? 
No one in particular – I get inspired by the stuff I see online, or in magazines and store fronts

What are some of your favourite stores to shop at?
Zara, forever 21, H&M, urban outfitters, and Ever New.

What’s your least favourite fashion trend?
Definitely those low-hanging or saggy jeans

Check back next week to see which Procurify Team member’s style will be featured next!