Webinar: Optimize Your Company Spending Culture: It Starts With Purchasing Approval

Our research shows that many organizations don’t recognize purchasing as a strategic business function that warrants its own carefully structured process and procedures. Many times, purchasing takes place outside the realm of accounting, and as the transaction is processed, payables staff are often left chasing down paper or email evidence that the purchase was ever authorized in the first place.

This webinar recording is designed to shed light on the approval process itself, and how it can be leveraged to tame out of policy spend and inefficient, expensive manual detective work.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to integrate more formal procurement policies into your organization’s current purchasing practice
  • How to develop a simple procurement approval system based on your business structure
  • How to reduce or eliminate the downstream paper chase and create new time to examine spend patterns

Join Jimmy LeFever of PayStream Advisors and Kenneth Loi of Procurify as they explore the latest research on the procurement approval process and how it impacts the purchasing and spend management strategies in organizations like yours. Register now.

Accreditation: Webinar participants can earn 1 CPE credit in Management Advisory Services.

Prerequisites: previous experience in finance

Who should watch? 

  • Accounts Payable and Back-office Finance Professionals
  • CFOs
  • Finance Directors
  • Controllers


Jimmy LeFever – Research Director PayStream Advisors

Jimmy LeFever is the Research Director of PayStream Advisors and has held this role for three years. As Research Director, Mr. LeFever oversees the research and analysis of source to settle (S2S), Order-to-Cash (O2C), and Travel and Expense Management (TEM) software solutions. Mr. LeFever is the lead analyst and main point of contact for software and BPO provider’s Product Managers and Software Engineers. The value he provides in advisory services engagements lies in his expertise of the solution market and experience in implementing numerous automation solutions and BPO processes for F1000 organizations. Jimmy is a certified Scuba Divemaster; he is often underwater when not on the job.

Kenneth Loi – Chief Operating Officer & Founder Procurify
Kenneth Loi is Chief Operating Officer and Founder of Procurify and oversees several business divisions including Operations, Product Management and Customer Relations. Kenneth’s vision is to assemble the dream team to help build an enterprise product that helps solve critical business problems yet is intuitively easy to use.

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