Webinar: Procurement in the Digital Age, Transform your Process


“Digital transformation” is not just a buzz-word, it is survival of the fittest. Watch this webinar and learn what it means for procurement to survive and thrive in the new digital era.
We live in a disrupted world, because of this – procurement has to transform itself and become digitally adept in it’s own right. This e-transformation of procurement is a MUST if procurement wants to further increase the value it delivers to organizations and, therefore, survive.
The procurement organization of the future must be effective, efficient, and sustainable.
This requires a “global” approach to defining and executing the “E-Transformation” focusing on the three pillars that are: people, process, and technology.



About Bertrand Maltaverne 

Bertrand Maltaverne
Bertrand Maltaverne

Bertrand Maltaverne has an extensive experience in the area of Procurement and more precisely in the impact of technology on Procurement processes and organizations. Since 2014, he works at POOL4TOOL as Senior Business Consultant helping organizations achieve a digital transformation in their Procurement practice. Before joining POOL4TOOL, he spent 13 years in the Procurement organization of Schneider Electric, a Fortune 500. He held various positions most of them focused on Procurement technologies and processes in both Direct and Indirect Procurement.

In parallel to his professional career, he is active on various social media and has/had several blogs or micro-blogs. He is passionate about new technologies and how they shape our society; his favourite quote:
“Revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new technologies — it happens when society adopts new behaviors.” — Clay Shirky
He also enjoys travelling, he has lived in Turkey, France, and is now in Austria and explored many other countries on (almost) all continents. 

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