Excel Public Charter School: Building a Dependable Purchasing Process

Excel Public Charter School is a fast-growing charter school located just outside of Seattle, a bustling metropolis in the Pacific Northwest.

The school’s mission is to provide all students with “an academically rigorous” curriculum that prepares its students for college life.  An impressive mission, to be sure. But to execute on such a commendable goal, every school needs a rock solid purchasing process in place.

Enter Procurify.

By using Procurify, Excel Public Charter School has the controls and visibility in place to ensure the purchasing process is a simple, ridiculously easy process. Here’s what Joe Calise, Director of Operations and Finance at Excel Public Charter School had to say:

What are some common purchasing/budget management challenges you have experienced in your past work experience that Procurify handles within Excel Public Charter School?

“In the past, companies would always have lots of emails going back and forth when it came to purchasing and it would get hard to keep track of what exactly someone needed purchased. Procurify provides an easy to use interface for people to enter exactly what they want, how much of it and estimate the cost. This makes it significantly easier from a purchasing and budgeting standpoint to approve requests and process them.”

How easy is it for you to train your teachers to use Procurify?

“It was really easy for them to learn, getting them to login the first time was the hardest part – using the system is super intuitive and most people were just able to jump right in and use it once we got them all online.”

How user friendly do you find Procurify’s interface?

“I think Procurify’s interface, especially with the new design, looks great and is really easy to use. The navigation makes it easy to locate everything you need and the progression (request, approve, procure, receive, AP) makes the whole process really simple.”

Was there anything in particular about Procurify that most impressed you, or you found most beneficial?

“It helps keep me organized and on top of purchasing requests, I don’t need to hunt down paper POs and emails with requests, it’s all in one central place.”

Can you comment on Procurify’s customer success? Has our customer success department been there to help you?

“Carol, and the rest of the CS team at Procurify have been great, they have continued to reach out to see how things are going and whenever there is a new feature they always reach out to offer to demo the function and answer any questions. The few times that we’ve had issues, Procurify has been able to solve these issues in a really short amount of time with minimal impact to our operation.”

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