Startup Wisdom — 52 Things We Learned in 2015

As we go through the 2015 shuffle, pun intended, draw­ing broad les­sons from the year is never easy. So this year, the team at Procurify got philosophical, funny, profound and even granular when asked about the number of things we learned in 52 weeks. Here they are…straight from our rocket ship building headquarters in Vancouver.

  1. “Don’t compare yourself to others. Be a better you, everyday.”— Kevin O’Connell
  2. “Don’t take things so seriously. Results and people should mesh.” — Carol Huang
  3. “Don’t practice until you can do it right, practice until you can’t do it wrong.” — Nav Aulakh
  4. “Being on a winning team is worth more than any individual accomplishment.” — Amaan Nathoo
  5. “It is crazy to see how little a company’s culture can be changed by a bigger office.”— Feb Cuevas
  6. “Sacrifices with family, friends, and romances have to be made in order to attempt something larger than myself. As Jack Ma said, in 5, 10, 20 years I may regret this decision, but as of now I’m enjoying myself.” — Andy Hsui
  7. “It is not always about prioritizing time, but effort.”— Feb Cuevas
  8. “Don’t worry about having all the answers.”— Brittany Whitmore
  9. “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and fail.” — Jessica Chang
  10. “Be biased towards action.” — Kevin Tanyag
  11. “Push yourself outside of your comfort zones and do things that you thought were beyond you.” — Robbie Williams
  12. “Networking and culture play a big factor in a company.” — Justin Si
  13. “Don’t just think after school is done, learning is done. Its your job to put the theory into practice.” — Summer Lao
  14. “Work hard. Stay focused. Results will follow.”— Willis Law
  15. “The world was created by people no smarter than you. So never think you cannot change the world.” — Nick Boariu
  16. “Change your working environment time to time to prevent stagnation. The newness allos your work to be fresh and alert.” — Ilya Ulyanov
  17. “Every team plays a big part in the company. They all have the same piece of the pie, but importance at different times. I am constantly finding the design centric voice for the company.” — Kitty Chan
  18. “You can always get better at what you are doing.” — Vinny Tsui
  19. “Don’t keep your table/workspace clean. Otherwise people put shit all over it.” — Peter Lin
  20. “Don’t be afraid to take on big projects. If you don’t do it otherwise it might bite you in the ass” — Eugene Dong
  21. “If it is working, break it. Make it better.” — Wade Scheer
  22. “Getting up at 6am is not so bad, when you are building a rocket ship.” — Zac Hansen
  23. “Embrace challenges and continuously adapt.” — Eton Leung
  24. “We wanted it be busy and crazy and now it is, which shows if you follow a plan, you can achieve whatever you set out to accomplish.” — Sean Kolenko
  25. “Being a leader is hard, but it feels pretty good. Helping out your team feels very rewarding.” — Kerv Rosales
  26. “Don’t wait for permission. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike. Don’t wait at all. Just start.” — Jessie Lehail
  27. “Puns are the key to success.” — Feb Cuevas
  28. “You can do more than you think you can.” — Brittany Whitmore
  29. “When all shit blows up, life continues.” Carol Huang
  30. “Don’t stop growing and learning.” — Jessica Chang
  31. “Everyone’s voice is integral to building the team you want. There is a responsibility in creating a team that you want and where you want to work.” — John Rugamas
  32. “Playing hard is just as important as working hard.” — Kevin Tanyah
  33. “Approaching each day with enthusiasm and a getting step forward than the day before. Learning everyday.” — Robbie Williams
  34. “Do what you love. For me my role focuses on creative thinking and creating unique solutions to problems.” — Justin Si
  35. “Learn to forgive and forget.” — Peter Lin
  36. “It is easier to stay fit if you stick to a plan that you diligently follow.” — Eugene Dong
  37. “Never say no to a difficult task before you know why it is difficult. After you learn it is difficult don’t say no.” — Alex Cheuk
  38. “Being cheesy is not easy. So stick with it.” — Aman Mann
  39. “This is a place where brilliant, friendly people are getting things done and fixed.” — Nav Aulakh
  40. “Learn things beyond your job role. Learn as much as you can.”— Summer Lao
  41. “Stay warm. Stay cozy…in winter.” — Ilya Ulyanov
  42. “The real strength and growth comes from the relationships you forge while you struggle together to build.” — Nick Boariu
  43. “Being grateful is important.” — John Rugamas
  44. “When something goes wrong, don’t blame people work with people to find a solution.” — Zac Hansen
  45. “Work smarter not harder. And then work harder.” — Wade Scheer
  46. “Culture is dynamic and never static.” — Amer Justice
  47. “Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. Because your first version of work is not perfect. Other perspectives may make your work stronger.” — Alice Chan
  48. “Self reflection, dialogue, vulnerability, being open to feedback, and humility have helped me put my guard down and excel at this learning curve.”— Mike Rodzki
  49. “Sometimes perfect is not the perfect outcome. Enjoy the journey and many iterations of a project.” — Kitty Chan
  50. “I need to mediate every day if I want my day to go well and be better in my job.” — Sean Kolenko
  51. “Present work with the word team, because the work really represents a team effort.” — Alice Chan
  52. “Fail forward.” — Aman Mann

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