In Conversation with Procurify’s UX/UI Design Duo – Kitty and Alice Chan

Designing Things For Real People

Procurify is laser focused on having every product and service solve real business problems. Basically, that everything created should benefit someone in someway. Leading the charge on this, is exactly the design philosophy heralded by Procurify’s UX/UI Design Duo, Kitty and Alice Chan.

When they design, they’re not looking to just make something pretty and call it good. They work with other departments and take methodical steps to understand Procurify’s users and business goals. Really, the dynamic duo is designing to make things look great, but also succeed. To achieve this, the Chan sisters have implemented an incremental UX/UI design philosophy. With an incremental plan, the iteration of a feature is controlled and manageable, with small increments and improvements being added over time alongside more fundamental and core features.

To draw a comparison they note, “Don’t bake a giant cake; you might not like the flavour. Bake a cupcake first and taste it.” Brilliant, because who doesn’t like cupcakes? This thinking allows them to test the initial concept and the direction of an idea without building the entire thing.

The first iteration is enough to get the job done, with each iteration after that they look to improve usability and increase functionality. They share their insights into the importance of having design in place during the early stages of Procurify and the development of an internal work flow.

They rely on Procurify’s Customer Success team to gain insights from users, look at stats to determine how users interact with their designs to make educated decisions and shorten their learning time.

Listen to their insights into software and working with your sibling. What’s most refreshing about this podcast is Kitty and Alice’s desire to sharpen their design skills, learn more, and take Procurify to the next stage and beyond. To see more of their Procurify work, check out

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