A Message from Our CEO Re: The NEW Procurify

A Message from our CEO re: the NEW Procurify
Since the conception of Procurify our team has had one critical question in mind: are we providing the right service to our current and future customers?

Without a doubt, giving 100% – or more than 100% – to everyone we interact with is a challenge. However, we’re not dealing with an impossible feat. Our dream may sound silly to most, but to the many that it does effect, they’re already noticing the results of our efforts. Business applications need to change, and we’re dragging outdated processes and systems to the future with a heavy focus on making the user-experience both beautiful and fun.

Yet balancing what we need most with what we want most isn’t an easy task for us. But, I’m proud to say we’ve finally done it. We’ve finally started to catch up with our dreamer selves. We’ve finally been able to focus our time on erasing gaps and building on our promise – of providing an intense focus on the end user and creating real value through their experiences.

I am excited to share the new and improved Procurify with everyone. The open beta launch will commence with our existing customers today. They will have the option to switch back and forth to understand the difference between the old and new Procurify. All new customers will get the chance to jump right into our brand new platform.

I sincerely hope you give us another look because we believe this is a change for the better. I hope you get to see everything we’ve chosen to improve, and understand why we’re trying to create that value for you.

Our only commitment – are we making your lives better?

Please feel free to reach me at aman@procurify.com if you have any questions or comments.

My best,

Aman Mann


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