Meet the New Procurify

Meet the new Procurify

We’ve made some big, BIG changes! We’ve given Procurify a makeover both inside and out. It’s faster, easier to use, and definitely much better looking. Our old interface was good – but not good enough. It had a confusing navigation and complicated set-up process. Plus, the overall look of things hadn’t been updated since the company started! Definitely time for a makeover.

Get to know us – we’ve got a new look

We’ve changed the layout to better utilize your screen space, because we know (screen) size doesn’t matter, it’s all about being able to use it. The navigation bar has been redesigned and moved from the top of the screen to the left-hand side, so you can see the features listed more clearly. It’s also much faster and easier to make requests, with clearly labelled orange buttons on the request screen. We’ve decided to remove the unnecessary status screen and combine it with the request screen as well.

New Procurify is easy on the eyes

The interface is more fun and lively, with bright colours and big buttons. Location and user settings have been improved and everything is much more consistent. Our web app now feels a lot like our mobile app (which has been nearly doubling in usage every month). We got the memo, that’s definitely the style you like.

welcome-screen (1)

Collaboration is important – so we’ve improved our chat and comment features. Make sure you upload a photo to your profile, if you don’t have one, your first order request should definitely be a selfie stick. Tip: use the new “quick add” button to get this request in fast!

We can do the heavy lifting

If you are requesting items that you’ve found on Amazon – you can now auto-populate the purchase order fields automatically just by copy-pasting the url of the page with the item. We’ve tried to simplify things as much as possible for you, tools should make your job easier, not harder.

Expense categories
with helpful little icons now act as automatic categories of spend to help keep things organized. And all you have to do is drag and drop your receipts (even easier than shoving them into a shoebox or envelope, and your accountant is going to love you).

Procurify Approved Requests

Find what you need – faster

New Procurify makes it easier to find what you need, when you need it. Procurify’s search features have been improved with additional filtering, sorting and searching capabilities. It’s also much easier to find the status of your orders, we want to make your day easier – every moment we save you is our success.

We’ve got automation to make you look like a hero

As we were saying, the more time we can save you – the better! We’ve made the approve and deny function easier to use, so you can make sure purchase orders are created (or not) much faster. And creating orders is more efficient too an takes less than three steps.

Simpler, better, faster smarter!

And all that’s just the stuff you can see. We’re revamping our customer success process and knowledge base too. Plus – the new Procurify is up and running at light speed with 70% fewer page refresh instances and 52% faster page load time.

You can give it a try on web, Android or iOS today!

Definitely let us know what you think – tweet us your feedback @Procurify with the hashtag #NewProcurify!

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