We Deleted Everything

Sometimes, a day arrives where you have to delete the billion dollar idea and start again. It did for us and this is that story.

<The Code>

It started more than a year ago. Our product was taking off, more clients were signing up and we were getting tons of traction. We needed to grow. But as we hired more developers, it became apparent that we had a problem.

Our code was a mess. It was hard to explain how things were happening in the app. In a perfect world, you follow best practices to make life easier as you scale.

But in the real world – especially the startup world – you’re hustling. You’re coding. You are focusing on creating the solution to people’s problems.

Over time, we took in a lot of feedback from our customers and wanted to do all of it. With our current code base, we couldn’t achieve this. Therefore we had to delete everything.

Alex Cheuk and Perry Hoffman

We knew what the problems were and we knew we needed to fix them, but where do you start? Where do you begin this process? How do you approach thousands of lines of code to make it better?

We Deleted Everything

With a fresh new branch, we began coding away. We didn’t know exactly how to do it. We just did it.

We separated, organized, consolidated… and did it all again. After a string of late nights, we started to see a solid foundation. From that, amazing ideas and possibilities opened up. This is when things went NEXT LEVEL.

We asked ourselves how far we can push this project. What we saw were less constraints on our UI/UX – more layout options, more real estate, faster data presentations, more concise data, better responsiveness.

We learned how to take advantage of our back-end processing power, which resulted in instantaneous transitions. Something as simple as eliminating constant page refreshes made a dramatic impact on the speed of our UI/UX.

An Ever-Expanding Scope

The more time we put into this project, the more we saw how big an impact it would make. We completely changed our navigation. We changed process workflows. We added more – many more – visual indicators to enhance our users’ experience.

The Struggle Was Real

We knew the project needed much more time than what was available. We buckled in and turned on the afterburners. Nights. Weekends. Waking up in the office on more than one Sunday morning. We had to do what it took to get the job done.

Whatever it took…we did it

We couldn’t be more proud of this work and the team behind it. But, more importantly, we can’t wait to hear about how this will improve the Procurify experience for our clients. At the end of this journey, we look back and say to ourselves, it was worth it. We did incredible things. Making purchasing a beautiful, simpler experience for the end user while giving companies the right platform to grow stronger. This is the core of what we stand for at Procurify.

We make purchasing ridiculously easy – and we hope this project does just that for you.

Lessons Learned

  1. Don’t be afraid to delete it all when it comes to doing the right thing by your users.
  2. Are you sure? YES. Don’t be afraid to tear down and rebuild to make an impact that truly is focused on disrupting a market that is based on traditional, archaic software.
  3. Don’t be afraid to fail so that you can learn quick and improve. We are committed to continuous improvement and making sure our customers are at the core.

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