Procurify Webinars: Global Networks and Disruptors

In this Procurify Webinar Tania Seary, Founding Chairman of Procurious, will highlight some of the key facts and figures around major forces having an impact on procurement professionals. This includes: day-to-day work, negotiations, sourcing activities and supplier relationships.

The forces having an impact include: markets, ethics, transparency, and optionality.

This list is by no means exhaustive and some organisations might have completely different experiences, but having spoken to people in the industry, professional associations like CIPS and experts from the Procurious Big Ideas Summit, Tania and her team believe that these will be the most common and have the biggest impact.

As part of all of these disruptors, there are more detailed issues facing procurement as a whole:

  • Mitigating potential supply chain disruptions driving innovation
  • Winning the war for talent
  • Cost leadership and more.

CPOs and procurement professionals will have to understand these issues in order to best mitigate the risks associated with them. Tanis will explain why global networks and social media are key to this.

Global networks open up a range of opportunities and benefits to procurement professionals, helping them to overcome these issues. These networks allow for collaboration, knowledge transfer, value creation and development of a company and personal brand.

Highlighting each of these again, Tania will cover why social media can be a key tool, how procurement needs to be leveraging it, and why Procurious is primed to help procurement professionals around the world meet those goals.

About: Tania Seary

Tania Seary
Tania Seary

Tania is the Founding Chairman of three companies specialising in the development of the procurement profession – The Faculty, The Source and Procurious.

In 2013 she moved to London and founded Procurious. Procurious has been built as the world’s first online social network to help a new generation of procurement professionals to “get involved and get ahead”. Procurious is a culmination of Tania’s long-held belief that improved networking, training and communication are critical to the progression of the procurement profession globally.

Tania’s fascination and commitment to procurement development started around fifteen years ago in the United States. After finishing her MBA at Pennsylvania State University, Tania became one of Alcoa’s first global commodity managers.


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