Procurify Webinar: Procurement at a Crossroads, author interview

In this webinar, Brittany Whitmore of Procurify hosts special guests Jon Hansen and Kelly Barner, procurement and supply chain professionals, and authors of Procurement at a Crossroads. Jon and Kelly take listeners through some of the key insights in the book and share their thoughts on the state of procurement today

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The book takes a close look at the field of procurement during a time of extraordinary transition. The authors identify nine key questions critical to those in the profession and then present multiple perspectives on each as well as well-researched case examples from the field of procurement as well as the larger business environment. The book digs into topics such as changing professional demographics, technology, media coverage, public vs private sector, and finance without shying away from traditionally taboo subjects or points of view.

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About Jon Hansen:

The Editor and lead writer for the PI Social Media Network’s Procurement Insights Blog, and the host of the PI Window on The World radio show, Jon Hansen is a two-time Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist.  Through funding from the government’s Scientific Research & Experimental Development program, Jon built a software company that he eventually sold for $12 million. Based on his business experience and his work with major clients in developing programs that dramatically improved their procurement practices, he is considered to be a leading expert on subjects as diverse as supply chain practice, public sector policy, emerging business trends and social media.

About Kelly Barner: 

Kelly Barner is the Managing Editor of Buyers Meeting Point, an online resource for procurement and purchasing professionals, and has a decade of experience working in procurement and supply chain. Her unique perspective on supply management is based on her time as a practitioner, a consultant at a solution provider, and now as an independent thought leader.

Ms. Barner’s introduction to procurement was in the not-for-resale (indirect) procurement organization for a global grocery retailer. While there, she developed a specialization in sourcing location-based and corporate services. After earning her MBA, she took a position on the consulting team at Emptoris, a procurement solution and services provider that was acquired by IBM in 2011. She has led projects involving members of procurement, supplier, and purchasing teams and has practical skills in strategic sourcing program design and management, opportunity assessment, knowledge management, and custom taxonomy design.

Ms. Barner is a popular and regular guest content contributor to publications and blogs such as Procurement Insights, the Selectica’s Social Contracting blog, the Ivalua blog, and Design News. Since 2011 she has delivered a weekly procurement Internet radio update that covers the coming week’s events and a guest soundbite with editorial commentary.

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