Webinar Recording: How to Implement Savings Solutions That Last

As part of Procurify“s efforts to help make sense of all things related to purchasing and procurement, we”ve launched a new webinar series. The first in the series, “How to Implement Savings Solutions That Last” was held on July 8th – don”t worry if you missed it! We”ve got the full webinar recording available for you below.

Co-hosted by Procurify”s own Brittany Whitmore and Sustain Solution”s Andrew Williams, the webinar covered topics such as:

• Best practices on the process of strategic sourcing
• Tips on how to negotiate the best pricing from your vendors
• Best practices for implementing contract pricing
• Common risks associated with failed implementations
• How the right tools can ensure long-term cost savings

In this 30 minute webinar, Andrew draws upon his experience assisting clients at Sustain Solutions to discuss ways he”s helped his best online casino clients impact their bottom line, and lessons he”s learned along the way.


Our next webinar, “Purchase to Pay – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” will be held on July 23rd – featuring Pete Loughlin of Purchasing Insight. In this webinar, Pete will discuss why Purchase to Pay (P2P) is so important, why things go wrong and what we can do to avoid the disasters.

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