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The Rise of Social Graphs for Businesses

By: Sangeet Paul Choudary

Article originally published on Harvard Business Review on February 2, 2015. Read it here

“…Thus we see the various software providers that already provide the tools to manage business interactions (like procurement and invoicing) moving rapidly to capitalize on this opportunity. Companies like TradeShift, Procurify and SPS Commerce already capture interaction data through their workflow management tools. Much like Facebook, they are recognizing that the software is not the end product, and instead seeing it as a means for acquiring the data to produce valuable commercial graphs.

These software as a service (SAAS) providers are powering the first few instances of the commercial graph today. But they are not the only ones eyeing this new opportunity. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator shows the company’s intent to move beyond connecting professionals to connecting companies. Payment startups like Square and cash-flow management startups like Pulse App also capture transaction data that can help them map out commercial graphs for small businesses…”

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