Procurement Webinar: Breakthrough Strategies to SLASH Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Before You Ever Negotiate

FREE Procurement Webinar: Breakthrough Strategies to SLASH Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Before You Ever Negotiate, featuring Omid Ghamami, MBA, CPSCM, a globally recognized purchasing and negotiations author, speaker, consultant, professor, trainer, and thought leader.

Summary: The purchasing profession has been taught that your TCO results are a consequence of what you negotiate with suppliers and how.  This myth is costing our profession billions every year in money left on the table.  In fact, your biggest opportunity for TCO reduction and catapulting your savings results are before the negotiation ever starts. Why? Because when you ask a supplier for a lower price, what they hear is “make less profit so I can report more cost savings”.  The supplier is already on the defence, and more importantly, the cost side of the equation, which is usually 80% or more of price, is being completely ignored.  All you are doing is opportunistic supplier profit compression, which has very limited opportunity, and frankly is a very dated negotiation approach.

21st century purchasing and supply chain management professionals need to lead upstream engagement strategies well before negotiations commence – thereby driving costs out of the SOW and Specification using innovative and powerful approaches for driving breakthrough TCO results.  We will share real examples that resulted in 30 – 95% savings that had nothing to do with asking suppliers for a lower price.  The principles in this webinar will give you the insider secrets of the purchasing masters to take your TCO and cost savings results to another level.  Ideal attendees include purchasing, end users who are developing Specs and SOWs, engineering and design groups who participate in product and service design, and any other organization that is involved in the procurement process. Invest in your skills and your career by learning these next generation skills for breakthrough TCO.

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Author Bio: Omid Ghamami, MBA, CPSCM is a globally recognized purchasing and negotiations author, speaker, consultant, professor, trainer, and thought leader.  He spent 18 years as a purchasing executive at Intel Corp, running their $2.2B Corporate Purchasing Operations organization. He is an adjunct Professor of Purchasing at Folsom Lake College, and he is also the President and CEO of Purchasing Advantage. Since 1995, Omid has lead thousands of hours of purchasing consulting and speaking activities in 19 countries and 5 continents.  He is best known by his tagline given by Intel Corp: “THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning”.


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