Procurify Hosts Young Entrepreneur Leadership Launchpad

On December 14th, Procurify hosted a group of School District 68 high school students taking part in the Young Entrepreneur Leadership Launchpad (YELL) program.

The YELL program was founded to deliver leadership and entrepreneurship education to high school students interested in learning more about being a young entrepreneur and gaining real exposure to entrepreneurs and business leaders.  This “field trip”  to Procurify was part of a one-day tour of three local businesses and also included 6Pack Indoor Beach Volleyball and London Drugs Headquarters.

Representatives from the Economic Development Office of Richmond were also on site for these visits, helping to support the program and its students.

Procurify founders and Richmond-born Procurify team members led the session with personal stories. This was followed by an engaging question period and room-wide discussion about passion, persistence and figuring out “what to be when you grow up” while you grow up, as well as lessons learned on the path to becoming a young entrepreneur.

Procurify is proud to support YELL and its fantastic mission as well as young entrepreneurs everywhere!

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