The Best Enterprise Software Companies to Work for in 2014

Over the years, the software industry has seen tremendous growth. Because computer software is helping organizations in many processes including decision support and intelligence, many new enterprise software companies have emerged and offer free design software for developers. As many new companies continue to come up in the software industry, it is prudent to list some new and exciting companies to work for in 2014.


AppNeta is an Application Performance Monitoring company found in 2010. It offers visibility into the application program that takes care of the users and network. It has Software as a Service solution that shows data regarding performance that can be seen over the internet and mobile devices. This makes business application to be visible and delivered to the end users. The company’s Application Performance Monitoring application enables organizations to offer their clients with better and faster applications on the web. Though it was found recently, the company is fast growing.

BP Logix

BP Logix was found in 2008 and develops applications that improve change process management in organizations. It has developed an application, known as Process Director, which learns the behavior of processes of organizations, predicts the outcomes of changing the process, and provides output that enables organizations to make appropriate decisions. In case the Process Director predicts that a process might run late, it either takes a corrective action or informs process manager to take action. It therefore enables organizations to intervene on issues related to processes early enough. Since BP Logix does not focus to a specific segment of the market, has a potential of growing and covering almost all market segments.

Events Network

Founded in 2009, Events Network targets to capture the multi-billion dollar market of managing events using software. It uses Software as a Service podium for organizers of activities and events. The Company does the processing of memberships of events for many customers around the world. Though it currently concentrates in processing of events for public and sports organizations, its flexible platform will make it introduce new market targets.


Capriza was founded in 2011 and has since been steadily growing in the services they offer and clients they target. It aims at speeding and reducing costs associated with taking businesses mobile. It has Software as a Service platform that enables organizations to deploy web and desktop applications within the shortest time and least money possible. It transforms desktop applications that are deployed in the web to mobile applications that are mobile. It also implements firewalls that ensure that clients’ mobile applications are secure from threats. With the current push by organizations to implement cloud and mobile computing to reduce costs and improve scalability, the company is expected to attract more customers and grow rapidly.


Moat was started in 2010 and aims at helping organizations to track their online marketing success. It aims at obtaining the best intelligence and fruitful signals to enable marketers to determine the success of their online marketing. It concentrates on the manner by which customers become attentive, and how online marketers analyze that concentration. Since billions of dollars are used in digital advertising yearly, businesses would like to know if they used their money well by determining their success in marketing. This makes the company to have the potential of growing in coming years.


Tigerspike was started in 2003 and aims at providing organizations with a common platform to develop various applications to reduce costs associated with building many applications in individual platforms. The Company has developed a platform, known as Phoenix, which helps organizations to reduce costs of building many applications on individual platforms and improve security of the applications. Over the last five years, the revenue of the company has been increasing at a mean rate of 58%. The company also aims at growing to be the world’s mobile application developer. This makes it a potential company to work for in years to come.

Many new software companies have promising growth and require a lot of expertise to make them come up with applications that are intended to solve the changing and dynamic needs of users. However, when choosing a company to work for, it is important to choose a company that develops applications in the areas that you are interested in and practice a culture that you like. With the invention of cloud computing it might also be important to identify companies that enable you to design and develop applications wherever you are. Other things to consider include amount of salary the company will pay and the terms of work.

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