Leveraging SaaS to Enable Procurement

Leveraging SaaS to enable Procurement with guest, Norbert Huber, Partner at KPMG Canada

Procurify welcomes KPMG to discuss trends in procurement with regard to SaaS, cloud and mobile technology.

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This webinar will address opportunities for adopting SaaS to enable the procurement process. It is no longer about IF, it is about WHEN small and Medium businesses will shift to the cloud to enable business processes such as procurement and purchasing.

We will explore benefits and use cases of how organizations have taken advantage e-purchasing solutions such as Procurify.

What you will learn: the end of this webinar, you will have a high level understanding of how the cloud can improve your procurement processes and impact your organization’s bottom line.

Who should attend

Procurement Professionals, Controllers, IT Applications leads, head of IT and CFOs.

Norbert Huber, Partner, IT Advisory, KPMG LLP (Canada): As a leading business and technology advisor Norbert assists small, medium and large companies leveraging traditional and new technology such as Cloud to maximize business efficiency and effectiveness. Norbert has over 15 years of international consulting experience working with multiple technology platforms and industries. KPMG Canada

Herman Chandi is responsible for business development at Procurify. He is a CPA, CA and has worked previously in an accounting firm providing audit and consulting services to small and medium sized businesses. Herman also has executive experience in handling accounting matters for non-profits and is a big believer in cloud technology bringing rapid productivity improvements to organizations of all sizes. Procurify

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