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Spend Culture mushroomed out of a dorm room in Vancouver, where three college students conceived of an idea that would go on to give companies the platform to get the maximum return from their spending.

While the idea turned into ProcurifySpend Culture became its guiding philosophy; it became a hotbed of the burning ideas, questions and obsessions that fired up Procurify’s collective imagination. Since its inception, Spend Culture has published observations, perspectives, explainers and opinions that have helped its readers re-question and reimagine fundamental business operations that are otherwise taken for granted, or assumed as the gospel truth.

Putting The Why Before The How

Granted, Spend Culture and “business operations” may appear to be incompatible — one bears the word culture, and the other brings to mind the deadening and dispiriting effects of unshakeable processes, technologies and ideologies deeply rooted in the jargon of modern-day business.

One is spontaneous, an uncontainable eruption of ideas and imagination; the other is enforced, forced down on, and coaxed into its unwilling actors till they stop asking the most crucial question of Why before learning to revere its arbitrary rules and play its petty politics. One upholds and maintains the status-quo; the other overthrows incumbent processes and technologies because it refuses to be rendered inert.

But it’s this unlikely melange of culture and business operations that positions Spend Culture to uncover the Why of business operations, and probe its readers — which represent an assorted set of CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, SMEs and startup entrepreneurs — to put the Why before the How.

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