Brief Introduction to the Multi-Level Approval Process

Have you ever heard of the multi-level approval process?

You probably know what it is, just not under the name “multi-level approval process.” But for the sake of knowledge, and knowledge is power, let’s briefly discuss what the multi-level approval process is.

Starting with why do we even use a multi-level approval process. Well the reason we use this process is because it makes our lives easier when moving forms and records through the organization for requests and approvals.

And generally the multi-level approval process is a key function for workflow within enterprise resource planning software.

The skeleton of the multi-level approval process depends on the organizational structure of the enterprise and involves levels of approvers and requesters.

And the taller an organization, the more individuals are used in approving a record or report.

The multi-level approval process would simplify the approval process by streamlining the approval process. Rather than sending invoices, altering formats, requesting via email, and so forth; software can be used to standardize the process and make approving and rejecting reports and records easy.

Well-designed software will involve heightened transparency within the process workflow that generally requires managers and approvers to document and note why they approved, rejected, or submitted a report or record.

Furthermore a good approval workflow forces managers to submit, reject, or approve items on time. There is no room for lost information, records, or reports in a streamlined approval process.

The multi-level approval process is a fairly simple idea to understand. A good workflow can pull information and pass it along the chain of command, so long as the data is kept in a standard location.

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