Silicon Valley Reviewed by Procurify Founder Eugene Dong

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, and the movie “The Social Network,” Startups have started to become cool.

Well startups were always cool but now everyone is starting to realize it.

HBO created a new TV series called “Silicon Valley” that parodies life at a startup. While the culture differs wildly from startup to startup and team to team the show itself is an example of how accepted startups have started to become.

The Globe and Mail thought it would be a great idea to ask startup founders across Canada to share their thoughts on HBO”s first episode of Silicon Valley. Just as startup ideas and cultures vary across the board, so to are the reviews left by the founders asked to take part in the review.

Here is CTO and Co-Founder Eugene Dong”s take on Silicon Valley!

HBO”s new TV Series Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a sitcom that portrays some of the experiences and situations that startup founders have in their careers. The entrepreneur, Richard, had developed an amazing technology that no one is using. To express how unpredictable that the Valley can seem from the outside. Richard goes from nearly being kicked out of the house and incubator to having multiple offers for his company. The unpredictability is something that every entrepreneur faces but loves it because it keeps life exciting. Unfortunately, a lot of the show was exaggerated from the truth. For example, it shows that everyone in the Valley is launching a startup, including a family doctor that will ask for a patient’s investment.

I have enjoyed shows, like Suits, which features the day-to-day lives of lawyers. Now, it is finally possible to watch a comedic sitcom that covers the scenarios that I may face as an entrepreneur. This show is like a startup and the story will take some time to build, but it is off to the good start. Although the show was not fully realistic, it was still humorous and I will definitely continue to watch!

Overall rating: 4

Here”s a short trailer of Silicon Valley

Original Article by Globe and Mail: Silicon Valley: What Canadian startup founders thought of HBO”s new show


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