Purchasing Process Sucks

Six Ways Your Purchasing Process Drives You Crazy

Sometimes the system just gets in the way. Here are 6 scenarios you will only understand if you have one of those infuriating purchasing processes.

1) When you make a purchase order for a product you need but purchasing decides to order something completely different.
Purchasing Process Fail

Yes it was cheaper, but it was also completely useless for this project. 

2) When you want to order a product or service to help you make your job easier and you realize what you actually need is a service to make your company’s purchasing process easier.

Purchasing Process Paperwork

You have to follow the purchasing process protocol! All you have to do is prepare a RFP. Then fill out a budget adjustment report and have it signed by 3 different approvers you don’t have access to. Then establish your proposals and bids and create a purchase order that you will need to get signed by the 3 previous approvers.

3) When you make an order request to assist you with a tight deadline and your order arrives after your project is completed.

Purchasing Process Delivery

At least you can use your tools as a giant paperweight to help you keep all your paperwork under control.

4) When you finally have some extra budget and want to upgrade your organization by modernizing your equipment but you can’t submit a purchase order because your list of items aren’t on the list of approved goods.

Purchasing Process Fax Machine

Well you can’t order anything that came out after 2008 because we haven’t had the chance to update our list of approved goods yet. How about instead of one new thing you order 2 of the older models?

P.S. You will still have to follow your purchasing process protocol and submit a RFP, file a budget reallocation report etc. (see Number 2)

5) When you go to file expenses you accrued on a business trip but realize you lost all the receipts.

Purchasing Process Receipts

We can see that you spent $524.87 on your credit card for business related expenses but because you didn’t fill out the request for expense form, tape all your receipts to a single piece of paper, and mail it to the purchasing department for verification we’re afraid there’s nothing we can do.

6) When your boss personally decides to negotiate with the ERP vendor to ‘secure the best deal’ and comes back with a fabulously low price.

Purchasing Process Computers

What isn’t mentioned is that they bought obsolete hardware and software that actually makes it more difficult to do your job. We couldn’t get everything that you asked for but at least what we got was cheaper than any of us expected!

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