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A Bet­ter Pur­chas­ing Process

The pro­cure­ment white paper, Three Steps to Bet­ter Pro­cure­ment Prac­tices for SME Man­u­fac­tur­ers, is a spend man­age­ment guide that will give your busi­ness some insight into E-Procurement. Use this guide to learn and develop best prac­tices to increase bottom-line sav­ings. Dis­cover why you need to have a stream­lined and effi­cient pur­chas­ing process for your business.

The Three Steps to Bet­ter Pro­cure­ment Prac­tices for SME Man­u­fac­tur­ers contains:

Part 1: Estab­lish Stronger Policies

Start off small, in a con­tained space like pro­cure­ment, and apply some tried-and-tested approaches to earn some quick wins and build momentum.

Part 2: Enable ‘Smarter’ E-Procurement

Paper­less pur­chas­ing: using computer-based or online sys­tems to stan­dard­ize and auto­mate the process of gath­er­ing pur­chase requests, con­vert­ing them into orders and dis­trib­ut­ing them to suppliers.

Part 3: Gain Bet­ter Visibility

Like any process or piece of soft­ware, your pro­cure­ment sys­tem should be an enabler for bet­ter busi­ness, help­ing to cut costs and increase productivity.

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