60 Seconds to Get Motivated

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep going.

Work can be frustrating. Maybe you opened your inbox today to find that a project had somehow gone off track overnight. Or you spilled your coffee when you sat at your desk. Getting stuck in traffic, missing the bus, forgetting your umbrella at home… any number of small, random events can happen that throw our day off track and our ability to get motivated out the window.

Add to this a mix of frustration, anxiety, or pressure about the work we have in front of us,  and it can become difficult to see past all the questions, the self-doubt, the fear. With whatever you are doing, whatever you are trying to do, especially if you care about your work and push yourself to be better – there will be risks.

Some days those risks and stresses push us to be better. And sometimes, they feel like an insurmountable mountain of negativity. Hopefully there is more of the former and they get us through the latter. Ideally, there’d never be days we feel like we can’t handle, but – life happens. What’s most important is how quickly we recognize those off days, and how we channel that negative energy and redirect it into something positive.

Ask yourself what do you want to do? How do you want to feel? Remind yourself:

  • We have limits but they can be stretched.
  • We might get lost but we can forge a new trail
  • We might fail but we can always try again


This video from Buzzfeed has been making it’s way around the Procurify offices today. It’s 60 seconds jam packed with inspiring quotes, beautiful imagery, and pump you up music. A great distraction from negativity and an awesome way to begin the process of finding your motivation and turning your day around: