5 Lessons I Learned Working at a Startup

Ever wondered what it would be like to work at a tech startup? Me too. Then came a moment that changed everything – a week ago I was welcomed into the startup scene with a job offer from Procurify.

5 Important Lessons I Learned During the First Week

1. Be Flexible

It”s important to be extremely flexible.  The advantage of a smaller company is that it is agile and able to change direction quickly.  If your team needs you to move away from your project: do it! Don”t row the boat in a different direction or get too emotionally attached to any one project over the bigger goals. Compared to larger organizations, things can move at a lightning fast pace in the start up world, and from one day to the next you may be focusing on entirely different priorities.

2. Be Organized

There are many constantly moving parts at a startup.  Things can be hectic and parts might get lost – you may sometimes feel like a project is falling apart at the seems or that resources are scarce.  The more organized you are the easier it will be to tuck, roll and recover when life decides to shake things up.

3. Use Your Resources 

Hey did you get that memo?  Part of being organized is cutting down on paper.  In the tech startup scene, software is king.  Dropbox.  Google Drive.  Skype. Evernote.  Base.  Freshbooks.  Hootsuite. Slack. THE CLOUD.  We use all of these and more at  Procurify and strive to likewise help our clients use our software to eliminate paper and stay organized.

4. Be Willing to Learn

Often in a start up there is no one else to hand things off to.  When trying to get things done or take on new projects, there often is no one else – either because resources don”t allow, or everyone else is already busy with their own projects.  Take it upon yourself to learn.  Try new things.  This might mean using a program you”ve never used before, changing your work flow, researching through blogs or books, or reaching out to your network for advice.  The beginning can sometimes be rough but often times you”ll discover ways of doing things that make the rest of your day much easier.

5.  Ask for help

What”s the easiest way to get someone to like you?  Get them to help you. You don”t know everything, but the good news is you don”t have to.  Most people, especially most people at a tech startup, inherently want to help others and be part of something bigger than themselves.  Just make sure to return the favour. One of the best parts of working at a start up is the ability to assist your team members and collaborate with them. Get help and help alike.


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