Getting more specific – IT as a service

As we’ve talked about in previous posts, Procurify is often considered to be a cloud service or Software as a service product (SaaS). But how does SaaS software factor into existing IT processes and legacy systems?

IT as a Service 

IT as a service is yet another buzzword I’m sure you’re already tired of hearing, but it’s important to understand that businesses integrating ITaaS are looking to increase their business agility, and increase the transparency of their IT costs.

What this means is the entire process of IT management changes from maintaining software-based products to integrating cloud-based software such as a CRM or procurement solutions, which can be labelled as platform as a service. To businesses, this integration changes the cost structure from maintaining legacy systems with large upfront costs to paying monthly for the services the business needs.

This is a critical shift in the way businesses source and use services relevant to how they operate. Now, IT departments are significantly more flexible in terms of what they are able to provide for a business and how rapidly it can be integrated into the company. CFO’s can now get better insight into what they are paying for and how much it is being used. Actions can be made based on actual usage data rather than projections or delayed reporting.

Procurify’s cloud based platform is considered a platform as a service product and many companies currently using it have reported an increase in procurement efficiency.

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