Why is Procurify Cloud-Based?

Cloud-based software drastically reduces capital expenditures.

Cloud computing powers Procurify. We chose to develop a web based product in the very early stages of development. The decision was not hard for us, but many people still struggle to understand why using cloud computing can be beneficial to businesses. This post highlights some of the main reasons why our customers can benefit from using a cloud based e-procurement software solution.

Most cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) provider’s charge only on monthly intervals with no upfront setup costs.  Most traditional procurement software solutions can cost upwards to tens of thousands of dollars annually with service and IT time required for implementation. Procurify skips a complicated setup process and even allow users to easily create a Procurify account on their own.

Cloud Enables Collaboration

Procurify can have any number of users working on the software simultaneously without issues. Because it’s a web based application, everything is updated in real time. Changes made in any part of the software will reflect as they are made.

For companies looking to constantly monitor employee spending, reporting can be retrieved in real time allowing managers to monitor activity with ease. Budgets are also updated in real time, meaning limitations can be put in place preventing users can from making an order once the budget has been reached.

Software Updates

Our software updates itself as we develop new features for it. Updates are deployed immediately, and require no IT action or installation.  All system users will receive an email notifying them of what changes have been made and how it may affect their experience using the software.

In the unlikely case that something goes wrong with any of our clients or with Procurify, we backup our users data several times a day. If something goes wrong, we can easily revert to a previous backup and have our customers back on track in no time.

Flexible Products

We can dynamically update Procurify, so any changes or fixes you need can be implemented on the fly, without any downtime. Even though we have many features, they don’t all need to be used in order to make purchasing more efficient. Our software works easily to save you money and streamline your processes without a high learning curve or complicated set up.

Global Access

Because Procurify is hosted on the cloud, our software can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Out of the office at a conference or client meeting? Working from home? Not a problem. Users can log into their Procurify account from any computer connected to the internet. Procurify’s mobile apps for Android and iOS even allow access to requests, approvals, and more through simple push notifications while you are on the go.

Ready to see if Procurify can take your purchasing to the cloud?

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