Success with e-Procurement Software Takes a Team Effort

When you tackle the challenge of improving your procurement processes and implement e-procurement software, you have to get everyone within the organization on board. If only a portion of the company is using the e-procurement software, it will not be very effective in reducing maverick spending and improving spend visibility.

Getting buy-in for e-procurement software

Before you can implement an e-procurement software system, you’ll need to seek approval from everyone in upper management. This includes your CFO, CEO, AP department and anyone else involved in managing your company’s finances and operations. It is crucial that they support the transition.

Without the buy in of the upper management, the value of using e-procurement software will be negligible.  Employees may use the system, but the reporting benefits will not be realized unless management is also using and understanding the data the system provides.

 Training your Employees

After management, employees need to be correctly trained to use the system as part of their daily work structure. If compliance is not enforced correctly, then employees will return to the way they purchased before the implementation of an e-procurement system. Rogue spend may return and upper management may not get an accurate picture of company spending. Choose a system that is optimized for a simple user experience and has an easy to understand interface for maximum compliance and training with ease.

 Managing responsibility and compliance

Once you have management on board, execute an implementation strategy to ensure consistent use from the rest of the organization. From there on, measuring use and savings is critical to optimizing the procurement strategy within the organization. If use has decreased, create an initiative to ensure compliance among all employees.

Implementing a procurement system into your organization is ultimately a benefit as increased visibility into spending can allow companies to optimize and reduce unnecessary costs. Procurify has helped many companies save time and money by moving their purchasing processes to the cloud. Find out more about how Procurify can work for you.

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