Why Procurify Does Procurement Differently

There’s a lot of companies out there that already offer extensive Procurement software, so why did we decide to tackle the challenge of improving Procurement?

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Passionate Founders

Procurify was started by a team of 3 Operations Management graduates. They had been doing a practicum for manufacturing companies when they noticed several of these organizations lacked serious visibility into their company spending. After they saw a lack of oversight and inefficiency, they decided to build a solution for one of the companies which they had been working with for some time. This solution was an early version of Procurify. Eventually the company found the software to be so valuable, they started having certain features custom built for them. Procurify was created from taking a real problem and building a product to solve it.

Cloud based software

While many other companies offer similar solutions, not all of them offer it in an “on demand” fashion. Procurify was built to be cloud based, not simply a port of existing software onto the cloud. With this in mind, Procurify was able to offer mobile applications and is compatible in essentially any browser. We’re currently working to automatically have accounts set up instantly, so that you can try Procurify sooner. Stay tuned for when we launch our fully automated setup!

Easy to use

We’ve designed Procurify by taking things that people use every day and adapting them to the Procurement process. For example, if an employee is making a requisition, he will add items from a predefined product catalogue and create a shopping list, much like using Amazon or similar websites. Every aspect of Procurify strives to make it easier to absorb information about an order or approval. Another example is our easy to see progress bar on Approvals, allowing the person who created the request to check on the order progress.

Constantly Improving

As a small team, one of our biggest advantages is the ability to be flexible. Procurify is able to quickly make changes and improve our product based on how it’s being used and from customer feedback. Many larger competitors don’t have the ability to rapidly modify their product, or charge significant sums to have certain features added to the software.

Customer Service

Finally, we take serious pride in making sure that the people we work with are happy with what we are offering them. We handle customer service from a companywide approach with all our employees communicating with customers depending on the issue. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is our top priority when it comes to what we do.

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We hope Procurify can help reduce your businesses costs and improve your Procurement processes. If you’d like more information on Procurify, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you’re ready to see how Procurify can help your organization do procurement differently – let us show you how.

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