ProcuriFashion Fridays: Polished Pooch w/ Ringo


Here at Procurify, we don’t believe in “casual Fridays” – we think that everyone should be able to wear whatever makes them comfortable everyday. While we embrace plain white tee’s and track pants with open arms, our team loves showing off their personality through their outfits. Check back on Fridays to see what another member of our team is wearing! 
Featured today on the ProcuriFashion radar is Procurify’s MVP (Most Valuable Pet) – Ringo! You can probably find him carrying a plush toy in his mouth, greeting the Procurify team with cuddles, or chasing his human, Kurtis, around the office. Although Ringo usually prefers to be “au naturel”, today he dressed up for the cameras in an argyle patterned sweater that is bound to attract all of the lady pups around! DSC_0365 copy DSC_0372 copy copy DSC_0381 copySweater – unknown

Ringo // Professional Tail-Chaser
*We got a little help from Kurtis, Ringo’s official hoo-man, to help us answer the questions!*
If you could describe Ringo in just one word, what would it be? 

What does Ringo do to stay in shape?
Chase toys and run from vacuums

If he could get one designer to plan an outfit for him, what would it be and who would design it?
Tank top and sweats by Ruff Lauren or Louis Barktton

Last question for all of the dying fans out there – does Ringo have any special lady friends in his life?
Kitty and Alice

Check back next week to see which Procurify Team member’s style will be featured next! 


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