ProcuriFashion Fridays: Cool Coastal w/ Ilya


Here at Procurify, we don’t believe in “casual Fridays” – we think that everyone should be able to wear whatever makes them comfortable everyday. While we embrace plain white tee’s and track pants with open arms, our team loves showing off their personality through their outfits. Check back on Fridays to see what another member of our team is wearing! 
Meet Procurify’s own Ryan Gosling – Ilya Ulyanov. Just because Ilya values comfort, doesn’t mean that he sacrifices his style. In this casual look, he’s paired a denim button-down with beige khakis, a modern white watch, and his signature sparrow-patterned ‘sneaks. With an outfit featuring major coastal vibes, it’s not hard to imagine a long walk on the beach with this handsome gent. Notebook style. 

outfit watch shoesShirt – Hollister, Pants – Uniqlo, Watch – Original Penguin, Shoes – ALDO

Ilya Ulyanov // Front-End Developer
Who’s your biggest style icon? 
I can’t choose between Ryan Gosling and Brent Burns 

What’s your favourite store to shop at?
UNIQLO – I like everything about it, from the layout to the aesthetics.

How would you describe your style in one word?

What’s your least favourite fashion trend?
Man buns. Don’t trust a person with one.

Check back next week to see which Procurify Team member’s style will be featured next! 


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