Become an #OperationsHero at the National Charter School Conference #NCSC16


Cast your vote TODAY for: “Be an Operations Hero: Unlock Hidden Funds Through Smarter Purchasing”

Are you a charter school principal, administrator, management company, or work in operations and finance? If so, then this session is exactly what you have been waiting for.

The 2016 National Charter Schools Conference will take place from June 25-29 in Nashville, Tennessee. 30% of sessions taking place at the conference are chosen by YOU voting ends November 11 at 11:59 PM.

Learn how to eliminate financial waste through the adoption of smart, technology driven practices. Get practical advice, tips, techniques, and get introduced to new platforms with Procurify, EdTec Inc, Legacy Traditional Schools and BuyQ.

Target Audience: Operations Specialists, Administrators

Session Description: Don’t sit back while your school wastes valuable time and money on inefficient processes. Learn how you can empower your school to stop financial bleeding and save time through smart, technology-enabled purchasing practices. Leave with practical tips and resources to help your school drive more money to its mission and increase staff engagement in your business operations goals. The session will rely on attendee participation. Come prepared to speak about your school’s purchasing operations challenges.

Cast your vote TODAY for: “Be an Operations Hero: Unlock Hidden Funds Through Smarter Purchasing”


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