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Procurify named one of 20 most promising enterprise software providers

By: SiliconIndia Team

Article: “Purchasing made easier using simple and agile platform” originally published in SiliconIndia on June 1, 2015

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement coupled with increasing adoption of cloud is transforming the conventional method of doing business within as well as outside organizations. Increasingly, software vendors are targeting this unique culture by providing mobile apps usable with their enterprise software. But the penetration of such apps often remains confined to very few employees within the organization due to the lack of awareness about the dexterity of a mobile app and apprehensions about cloud-based products. As CEO and Co-Founder of Procurify, Aman Mann believes that creating awareness about the precedence of cloud-based mobile solutions over traditional legacy system is of utmost importance for Procurify.

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