The Best Apps for Managing Business Spending


One of the great things about technology is that it helps make life easier. If there”s something you need to keep track of, chances are there”s an app for that.

At Procurify, we know that business owners need to keep track of where their money is going. The problem is there are a million other things to keep track of at the same time, and it”s almost impossible to keep everything straight. Thank goodness for app and program developers who make business spending management online casino as painless as possible.

Below are some of the other best apps and tools we”ve come across that help businesses manage their finances and keep track of exactly business spending. Like Procurify, these apps and tools are simplifying business processes to make the financial part of running a business easier. With expenses wrangled, business owners can focus on other matters, like planning an amazing launch party or closing an important deal.

The Best Apps For Managing Business Spending

By Procurify

We've rounded up some of the most useful tools and apps that can help make managing your company’s finances a breeze.

  • Expensify

    By Procurify

    Business trips can be hectic enough without having to worry about filling out expense reports, tracking mileage, and saving receipts. [Expensify]( eliminates that mess by allowing your employees to take pictures of their receipts and add them to expense reports, import credit card transactions, and track mileage through GPS.

  • BudgetTracker

    By Procurify

    Not many people like keeping a budget, but [BudgetTracker]( might make the process (somewhat) pleasant. With BudgetTracker you can keep track of your finances, including monitoring bank accounts, tracking spending, and forecasting your income. The program also reminds you when bills are due and offers expense report approvals.

  • FreshBooks

    By Procurify

    Whether you're keeping track of receipts or billing a client, [FreshBooks]( makes things quick and easy. Their app lets users send invoices from anywhere in the world, making billing a breeze. It also lets users track time spent on a project and keep track of expenses.

  • Square

    By Procurify

    Business management isn't just about spending money—it's also about making money. [Square](, an app that allows users to accept credit card payments through their iPhones or Androids, makes it easier for you to accept payment. The fees are easy to understand—starting at 2.75% for swiped transactions. In addition to payment processing, Square offers integration with a variety of bookkeeping tools and allows you to manage your inventory.

  • Chargify

    By Procurify

    If you have a subscription-based service, managing customers with recurring billing could take up all your time. That's where [Chargify]( comes in. Chargify offers billing services, customer management and business analytics for subscription-based companies. Even better, Chargify reaches out to your customers if there's an issue with a credit card payment. Good news for anyone who dislikes awkward conversations about missed payments.


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