KPMG + Procurify’s December 4th Event a Hit in the Community


Last Thursday, Procurify hosted a presentation and networking event inside the offices of KPMG, in downtown Vancouver.

The topic of the evening was the cloud and SaaS for small- and medium-sized businesses; specifically, how it can be leveraged to enable and improve the purchasing function within an organization.

The panel presentation featured: Herman Chandi, VP business development for Procurify; Norbert Huber, partner, management consulting, technology enablement for KPMG; and Praveen Gupta, COO and CFO for Quickmobile.

The presentation and lively question period were followed by a business card draw for three Procurify t-shirts. Members of the audience scampered to the front to drop their cards in at the last moment for a chance to win.

The room was packed with around 90 attendees including notable guests like Joe Marconato, purchaser for Hootsuite, and a number of other senior executives from companies all over the city. One attendee even decided to write a review of the event on their blog.

The video above is by Carl White.

Photos are by and can be found here.


Special thanks to Quickmobile,, Hootsuite, KPMG, Carl White Short Films and Haywire Winery.



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  1. Awesome event. Thoroughly enjoyed Norbert’s breakdown of current legacy systems and how cloud-computing streamlines the process. Also Herman’s point about how saving money can make a much bigger impact than cutting spending.

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