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In The Beginning

The commute from Abbotsford to Vancouver was too much. On a good day, Aman Mann, co-founder and chief executive officer of Procurify, would spend two hours behind the wheel. On a bad day: three, maybe more.

But he couldn’t avoid the traffic. A condition of attending Growlab, an intensive Vancouver-based startup accelerator in which Procurify was a part in 2012-2013, is to attend every session and every meeting the accelerator schedules.

So Aman¬†packed his clothes and moved into the company’s 500-square-foot Burnaby office.

He slept on the floor, and showered at a nearby fitness club. Luckily, he had a roommate – a small mouse also lived in the office. Kenneth Loi and Eugene Dong, Procurify’s two other co-founders, joked Aman had made a new “little friend.”

“It was crazy. I had wisdom tooth trouble at the time, but I didn’t have the money to pay for it. So, I scraped together $100 and found a random dentist that would pull it out. But the experience was momentum for the company.”

Despite the less-than-glamorous trappings, Procurify had come a long way in a short time. Less than two years prior, the company was based in Dong’s bedroom. The team had attended a single trade show, knocked on doors and cold called to no avail.

The goal remained clear: Develop a company that overhauled and subsequently solved the outdated procurement and purchasing processes that plagued the enterprise space.

Every business has its own unique story. Procurify is no exception. Ours is a story of dedication, struggle, and exploration. Check out our full story in this downloadable PDF. For more information about press please contact us.

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