Procurify has been named a finalist in the 2014 BCTIA awards!


Last night, six of our team members attended the 2014 BCTIA Awards Techbrew event at FanClub in downtown Vancouver. The venue was packed with well over 200 people. And if this is any indicator, the local tech community seems to be thriving and growing.

Procurify was fortunate enough to be named a finalist for the “Most Promising Startup Award.”

For me, it is particularly meaningful because this awards show marks the one year anniversary of when I first crossed paths with Procurify. I then became a member of the team a few months later. It feels amazing to have come full-circle and now not only be a part of this amazing team – but also now be a finalist for an award!

See you at the awards ceremony!


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Brittany Whitmore

Brittany is highly passionate, energetic and always learning. She believes in the power of creativity and innovation and initially dove into entrepreneurship running a successful marketing company. She currently handles communications and community management for Procurify, and also supports her community through mentoring, volunteering and community events. Brittany's motto: go big or go home!

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