Adopting a Moblie Procurement Strategy


Mobile Procurement

One of the biggest trends in Procurement for the future will be the adoption of a variety of mobile procurement strategies. The creation of software which can be viewed/used on both computers and mobile browsers is a recent trend which has become more popular over the past few years. Just in the last few days, a large Procurement vendor made a play to acquire a small mobile focused startup. Wave Accounting also just released Wave Receipts allowing individuals to snap their receipts to be able to better track expenses.

For mobile procurement, the primary benefit for companies is an increase in efficiency, as managers who need to approve items can do so while they are away from their desk. This in turn, reduces the time required to process approvals and requisitions.

At Procurify, we’ve built our mobile application which allows managers to approve, view and comment incoming invoices and orders. Our app has been designed for people who travel a lot but still need to manage their expenses while they’re on the go.


We’ve taken the approach of building a separate App with features designed specifically for managers. We realize that employees will likely only need to request items while they are at work, management is more likely to be busy travelling or with other engagements.

Our mobile Procurement App has now been released. We are working hard to constantly improve it! Keep in touch with Procurify on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to find out when our App is released.


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