Procurement for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Procurify brings purchasing management software to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Used…


What is indirect procurement software?


About two weeks ago, we briefly discussed indirect suppliers. For a reminder of that post, click here. As a refresher (for those that just can’t be bothered to click!): Indirect costs, courtesy of businessdictionary.com, are “expenses (such as for advertising, computing, maintenance, security, supervision) incurred in joint usage and, therefore, difficult to assign to or identify with a specific cost object or cost centre (department, function, program). Indirect costs are usually constant for a wide range of output, and are grouped under fixed costs.” In short: costs associated with running a business, but not directly related to producing a good or service. So what, then, is indirect procurement software? Well…that’s a bit of a tricky answer. Technically speaking, there is no such…