We Deleted Everything

Sometimes, a day arrives where you have to delete the billion dollar idea and start again. It did for us…


Podcast Mania! Procurify CEO talks about startup life and stories of early success


Aman Mann, Co-Founder/CEO of Procurify, went on a podcast mania where he shared stories about the early days of startup life. “You have to maintain your perception, but you have to know your reality.” Listen in on Aman’s conversation with Rocketship.fm hosts where he talks about living off credit cards to get that first customer, discovering the product, the importance of perception, keeping your team motivated, and raising money. Listen to Rocketship.fm Episode 160 – Face it Until You Make it…Perception is Everything That’s not all. Aman also spoke with Aaron Bushell on the Benefit of Hindsight podcast. There he talks about what…