Balchen on the Strate­gic Impor­tance of Scan­di­navia (Photo credit: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives) Strate­gic sourc­ing is an impor­tant field of sup­ply chain man­age­ment for a few good rea­sons. To start with, strate­gic sourc­ing is a way of … Con­tinue read­ing

We caught up with Ryan Laza­nis, founder of Xen Account­ing, recently to talk about the power of cloud tech­nol­ogy and its role in the often-dated account­ing space. Here’s what he had to say. Q) First things first – can you intro­duce … Con­tinue read­ing

Pro­cure­Cast: Tran­script Indi­rect Spend­ing: Cre­at­ing and Sus­tain­ing Supe­rior Per­for­mance Today we’re gonna talk about indi­rect spend­ing. A crit­i­cal piece to really get­ting indi­rect spend­ing is under­stand­ing the value chain. The value chain is a the­ory cre­ated by Michael Porter in his … Con­tinue read­ing

How can stock-outs affect your bot­tom line? To begin with stock-outs will cre­ate a loss of rev­enue and dete­ri­o­ra­tion in brand image. When it comes to gro­ceries, stock-outs can be an advan­tage for com­peti­tors. Why is this effect stronger for gro­cery … Con­tinue read­ing

The Procurify Press: April 2014 Edition

Eugene Dong was inter­viewed by Josh Dehaas for Maclean’s Mag­a­zine about entre­pre­neur­ship, BCIT and “hit­ting the right pitch.”   Arti­cle posted online here.

Spend Man­age­ment When it comes to spend man­age­ment at mature, growth-minded orga­ni­za­tions, the state of the econ­omy should have lit­tle bear­ing on strate­gic deci­sions. In both good times and bad, it always makes good busi­ness sense to reduce costs and … Con­tinue read­ing

Thanks to Face­book, Twit­ter, Insta­gram etc, and the movie “The Social Net­work,” Star­tups have started to become cool. Well star­tups were always cool but now every­one is start­ing to real­ize it. HBO cre­ated a new TV series called “Sil­i­con Val­ley” that par­o­dies life at … Con­tinue read­ing

Why is it Cheaper to send goods from China?

A short video on: “Three ways Pro­cure­ment can save you Money.” Video Tran­script: Why is it cheaper to send goods from the US to China to have them processed and pack­aged, only to be sent back to the US for sale? Shouldn’t … Con­tinue read­ing

Coor­di­nat­ing events is one of the most exciting-sounding jobs there is. Peo­ple imag­ine lights, tick­ets, drinks, food, fab­u­lous out­fits and exclu­sive guests. The real­ity couldn’t be fur­ther from the truth. Hav­ing coor­di­nated a num­ber of events of vary­ing scale and … Con­tinue read­ing


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